About Puffy Fetish

PuffyFetish.com is a down jacket fetish site. Here you’ll find hot girls wearing sexy down jackets and down coats from various brands. The goal is to update the site with at least one new picture every day.


  1. maccz says:

    Lovely pics. :)

  2. Andy says:

    Great site.
    I’ll send you a couple of my favourites – hope you’ll consider posting them.

  3. Galaxy says:

    Best side ever pls allot of more pics :)

  4. Psychro says:

    Do you have any idea what happened to downforum.frenchboard.com?

  5. Downfreak says:

    Enjoyed the pics ! Thank you :)

  6. Mike says:


    I first want to start off by saying great photos… thank you! Also I am in need of some help. I have been trying to figure out what brand/make of down jacket the lady is wearing in the link below. Does anyone know? I was hoping to buy one for my wife for Christmas.




  7. Wasatch Down says:


    check out my website

    if you want pics please provide link to my website

    email my at wasatchdown@wasatchdown.com

  8. Downjacketlover says:

    for u guys that love shiny puffy jackets, search for xfill parkasitefan on facebook, and u will find alot of sexy pictures :) and just go through her friendslist and u will find even more fb users with shiny jackets than u can even imagine !

  9. ChrisDown says:

    Anyone know of other websites with beautiful women in puffy coats?

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